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Killer “Coming Soon” Page Example | How we turned 180 sign-ups into 1,400 in one day with no effort - Prefundia Blog: Create a coming soon page in minutes

Killer “Coming Soon” Page Example | How we turned 180 sign-ups into 1,400 in one day with no effort

Recently, we put together a coming soon page for a new product called Toastio. The site was initially made in about 1 hour using Weebly (a free website builder) and PowerPoint for the logo and images.

We posted about it on a few  coming soon websites, our social media, and waited…

Day one results: 180 sign ups. Not bad.



Then one of our partners decided to try some growth hacking. We had heard the case studies from Dropbox and others about growth hacking tactics, but weren’t sure what to expect.

Most of us expected growth hacking techniques to have a marginal impact, adding maybe 25% more signups to our list, which would give us an additional 45 sign-ups.

Regardless, we built a scrappy referral program and sent this email to our original 180 sign-ups:

toastio email

We also added that content to the sign-up confirmation page on our website so that all new users would see the same thing. (Again, this was all done in Weebly with no code.)

toastio conf

Day three results: 1,400+ sign ups from referrals.


That’s an increase of 678% by doing almost nothing. All we did was send an email and change the copy on our confirmation page.

The real work was done by our “users”, which you can clearly see if you search for “toastio” in Twitter.

toastio twitter

After a week we were at about 4,000 sign-ups with no additional work put in.

Again, there were several of us who were skeptical of growth hacking tactics and their true impact to our “coming soon” page sign-up count, but following this experiment… we are all believers.


Questions or comments?  Please add them in the discussion form below!

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  • Jeff Schwarting

    Awesome info!

  • Cool

    What an idea – and all done on Weebly! Awesome!

    • Prefundia

      Glad you like it!

  • Taylor Neuffer

    This is awesome stuff!

  • Note S.

    Which site did you

    • Jeff Schwarting

      …use? We built a custom solution for this, but it will likely be made available for anyone to use very soon 😉

  • SoDaptor

    There is power is social media and numbers.