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Kickstarter (Crowdfunding) Conversion Rates


Recently someone asked us what a good conversion rate is for Kickstarter projects. We pulled some data on this a couple months ago from 12 projects we were working with and it’s an interesting question, so we thought we’d share.

Kickstarter doesn’t currently provide data on visits or pageviews, but they do show number of times the main video has been played, so we used that as our base metric.


These projects were all live when we did this, so they all ended with more money than you see here, but they had been live for long enough to trust the conversion rates (about 2 weeks).

The average conversion rate from video plays to pledge in this sample is 6.6%, with a high of 15.7% and a low of 1.9%.


conversion rate


If your project has a good conversion rate, then dump as much traffic into it as you can.

If it doesn’t, that may be an indication that the project isn’t getting to the right audience, isn’t communicating clearly, or maybe isn’t worth pursuing further.

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  • Sam Raymond

    Very useful analysis. Any interest and ability to do similar analytical work in emerging markets?

  • Tom Steenhuysen

    This is useful indeed. Thank you!