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How to Market a Crowdfunding Kickstarter Campaign | Identify High-Impact Outlets - Prefundia Blog: Create a coming soon page in minutes

How to Market a Crowdfunding Kickstarter Campaign | Identify High-Impact Outlets

On September 5, 2012, Aaron and Erik Melander’s first Kickstarter project, the Supr Slim wallet, ended with $203,488.

On Novermber 1, 2012, Robert Sha’s first Kickstarter project, the Minimalist wallet, ended with $116,802.

On Novermber 26, 2012, Jack Sutter’s first Kickstarter project, the TGT (Tight) Wallet, ended with $317,424.

Aside from the fascinating intersection of production simplicity, demand, and convergence in time, these projects share another common variable that drove much of their success.


Their pledges-by-day data (provided by shows that, in all three cases, a significant jump in sales occurred at some point during the campaign.

Supr Slim: August 7

TGT: November 2

Minimal: October 9


Though all three projects were featured by various blogs and media outlets throughout their campaigns, each of the three were featured by the same men’s gear blog day their sales exploded: This data facilitates triangulation of Uncrate as the most impactful media outlet for designer wallet projects.


Many project creators spend hours, days, and weeks drumming up media attention that ultimately doesn’t result in increased sales.


Due to the large amount of time required to actively market a crowdfunding campaign, data such as this is invaluable as it allows project creators to determine how to spend their efforts.


Depending on the category and type of project, high-impact media outlets will vary, but the strategy remains constant – identify high-impact outlets and focus resources on them.


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    Obviously Uncrate will give you a huge boost and thanks for this post… only if Uncrate would do a piece on us