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How to Create a Killer Coming Soon Page - Prefundia Blog: Create a coming soon page in minutes

How to Create a Killer Coming Soon Page

First, let’s get the objective straight. Obviously if you’re creating a coming soon page you’re not asking or offering anything yet, but you will be soon, and when you do, you want tons of people to see it.

A coming soon page’s objective should be to amass some sort of asset that can be dumped into your project when it launches, like beta sign-ups, or Facebook likes, or email addresses, and it should be designed with that intention in the forefront – maybe the only front.

Here’s a good example

This page does a couple things well:

  • Explanation of what is coming soon
  • Clear, obvious call to action

Now, here’s a really bad example:


This page does nothing well. There is no call to action, there is no explanation of what it’s about, so it’s simply wasting traffic. There’s no way that the owner of this page can leverage traffic in the future.

Typically, a coming soon page will have limited functionality and content, so the call to action can be the predominant page element, and probably should be. We’ve reviewed the top 5 coming soon page builders in another blog post here as a resource, and here’s the list if you just want to get started:


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    How did they/you create the landing/coming soon page for

    That thing is a beaut!!