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Email Capture Page - Prefundia Blog: Create a coming soon page in minutes

Email Capture Page

If you’re going to launch something – a crowdfunding or kickstarter project, a product, a website, an app, a service, whatever – you should launch a “coming soon page” or an email capture page right now.

Let’s take Kickstarter or crowdfunding in general as an example for why this is a good idea. Kickstarter and the other crowdfunding platforms often have “Most Popular” pages. While no one knows exactly what the algorithm for those pages is, it’s pretty apparent that some combination of backers and total dollars divided by time is heavily weighted.

Projects in the most popular categories receive much more attention that the rest, simply because there’s a lot of competition.

So what you really want is to launch your project and immediately get into the “Most Popular” line-up, because that will create awareness and success moving forward.

Now let’s say you’re working out the kinks of your prototype, or are finalizing details on production plans, or are fine-tuning your video.

You should be doing some sort of marketing during this time. But what sort of marketing is worth doing? Ideally, you’ll do marketing that you can leverage into your campaign once it goes live.

Facebook likes are nice, views on your site are ok, but these aren’t assets that can be easily leveraged in the future. Emails, however, are. If you’re able to collect 1,000 email addresses of people who are interested in your project before you launch, then on launch day you can email all 1,000 people, some percentage of them will contribute to your campaign, and your chances of landing in the Most Popular category skyrocket.

In fact this is a very common practice among project creators who’s projects have been wildly successful.

Work the system! Run parallel processes and start marketing right away!

By the way, Prefundia is a great way to capture emails during the pre-launch phase.

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