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Coming Soon Page - Prefundia Blog: Create a coming soon page in minutes

Coming Soon Page

Prefundia┬áis an interesting take on the coming soon page. Typically a “coming soon page” is a stand-alone website – an island in the internet sea – that must attract it’s own traffic. Prefundia, however, has taken on some of the burden of traffic attraction by consolidating many coming soon pages into a single platform.

Prefundia coming soon page

Each project still has its own page optimized for email capture, social shares, and comments, but in addition to those benefits, each project is featured on the Prefundia platform, greatly facilitating discovery. This offers major benefits to project creators as it brings traffic to their page that they simply wouldn’t have otherwise.

product coming soon page

So why email capture? A coming soon page with no call to action and no way to capture some sort of asset that can be leveraged in the future is, for the most part, useless. Let’s say you’re going to launch a new product in a couple months, and you want to put up a landing page to begin building hype for your product.

Traffic doesn’t come easily, so each visit to your site will cost something in resources. Two months pass and you’re ready to launch your product. By that time you’ve have 10,000 visits to your “launching soon” page. Traffic is still costly and you want to create a significant splash by sending as much traffic as possible to your product on launch day.

If you’re smart, you’ve somehow captured a portion of the 10,000 visitors in a way that you can now leverage in order to send them to your product. If not, you start from scratch.

Prefundia and coming soon pages like it will help you turn visits into email addresses – hard assets – which you can use in the future to grease the hinges to success.

Why wouldn’t you? Especially when Prefundia makes it so easy to create a page and begin driving traffic. To create a coming soon page on Prefundia, visit

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