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Coming soon page | “SpringSled is the most viral thing right now, but no one knows what it is” - Prefundia Blog: Create a coming soon page in minutes

Coming soon page | “SpringSled is the most viral thing right now, but no one knows what it is”

no one knows

Recently we implemented a growth hacking mechanism for our SpringSled coming soon page, and it’s been very, very successful. The coming soon page gives what we thought would be enough information, but is not so detailed as to show real screen shots or list features.

ss home

I’m sure that in part due to the ambiguity of the coming soon page, we’ve had a very high conversion rate and people have been sharing the page to an extent we didn’t think possible.

So much so, in fact, that Yair Kovaiko wrote a blog post titled “SpringSled is the most viral thing right now, but no one knows what it is“.

no one knows

Post by Yair Kivaiko on

Given that in the seven days prior to this posting, the SpringSled website had over 245,000 sessions and roughly 90% of all visits came through Facebook and Twitter, we find it easy to believe that “for 2 days now, all Facebook and Twitter feeds are full of links to the SpringSled website.”

When people sign up for SpringSled, they don’t immediately get to use or even see the product until they get 5 more people to sign up. As an aside, that wasn’t our original plan, but that is what people thought would happen, so we began to honor their expectations a few days in.

And it seems that the mystique surrounding the actual product added a bit more sharing – or at least conversation – to the social media realm.

no one knows comments blurred Horizonate

So although it sounds a bit negative, the fact that “no one knows what it is” – and I’d amend that to “no one knows exactly what it is” – we think has been a positive factor in regards to growth of the waiting list.

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  • Yair Kivaiko

    Hey Jeff, great work on the campaign, this is very cool! If you can please give me and my blog,, credit for all the info and screenshots, that’ll be awesome.
    Thank you,
    Yair Kivaiko, owner @

  • Guest

    Again, not sure why you don’t give credit to me and my website for the screenshots…