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Coming soon page | How we increased our sign-ups from 300 per day to 624 | Days 2-4 - Prefundia Blog: Create a coming soon page in minutes

Coming soon page | How we increased our sign-ups from 300 per day to 624 | Days 2-4

In the couple days after having launched a coming soon page for our new project, we would normally expect traffic to subside substantially. However, due to our referral system, we actually saw traffic increase for two straight days following our launch.

Here’s what traffic looked like for the first three days:


On day one we had 253 sign-ups and were converting about 34% of traffic.

During days two and three we had a total of 657 new sign-ups at a 37% conversion rate.



Impressive, really, considering we didn’t do anything to drive traffic after day one.

Then, on day four, our traffic more than doubled, going from 995 sessions on day three to 2,154 on day four.


Our conversion rate was holding at about 30%, so of that traffic, we had 624 new people sign up on day four, which is double the average from the first three days.


Since we hadn’t done anything to publicize the page since day one, a greater and greater percentage of sign-ups came through referrals from other people. In fact, on day four, 88% of all sign-ups came via referral.

percent referrals

At this point about 65% of our traffic was coming from Facebook, and about 4% from Twitter. Not everyone was sharing, of course, but the few that did were potent. One person that signed up on day two has referred 66 people to date.

So, how did we increase referrals from 300 per day to 624? We didn’t, really. We implemented a referral program and our users did the rest.

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