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Coming soon page | How we got 253 users on day one - Prefundia Blog: Create a coming soon page in minutes

Coming soon page | How we got 253 users on day one

Recently we launched a new coming soon page for a product we’ve been working on, but unlike the last coming soon page we put up, this time we implemented a growth hacking referral program from the outset.

ss home

Once you sign up to get early access, you’re taken to a confirmation page that offers free access to the tool for 12 months if you get five friends to sign up with your unique URL.

ss share

You’re also sent an email with the same content. Then, each time someone signs up for the tool with your referral URL, you’re sent another an email letting you know how many people have signed up so far.

ss email

And that’s the whole process, start to finish, for each user that signs up.

Now for the data!

On day one, we had 749 people visit the site and 253 sign up. Here’s what our traffic looked like that day:


The first 69 people we brought with our own efforts, and then the sharing kicked in at sign-up number 70. You can get some sense of the sharing acceleration with the table below. Orange cells show people that signed up through a referral link:

orange cells

Of the 253 sign-ups, 101 came organically and 152 came via referral, which means that for each person we were able to attract on our own, they brought an additional 1.5 sign-ups.

Here’s a summary of the data from Day One:

data summary

As with our first growth hacking experiment, this data blew us away. Just wait for posts on the following two weeks 😉

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