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User Method 2

The User Method

Forget everything you’ve learned about creating new businesses. Forget market research. Forget customer interviews. Forget everything business schools teach. Forget about “finding pains in the market” or trying to create a monopoly, or gaining...

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Hierarchy of ideas

(P) Making something you think someone else will want to use:¬†Ideas like this suffer from a range of maladies. The need is unverified. The ideal feature set hidden in someone else’s head, and you...

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A case against pivoting

I didn’t think I’d believe this. I’m a major advocate of killing things that don’t work and quickly moving on to new ones, but I’ve noticed an interesting pattern in a few companies I’ve...

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Quit doing customer validation interviews

  I’ve come to believe that customer validation interviews are detrimental to a pre-product startup for two reasons: You’ll wind up building something no one wants. You’ll wind up not building something everyone wants....

Zero to One: false and useless 6

Thanks for nothing, Peter Thiel

I’m on a contrarian kick right now. Peter Thiel recently released a book titled “Zero to One” about “Monopoly Theory”, in which he postulates that¬†“If you’re starting a company, you always want to aim...