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2013 October - Prefundia Blog: Create a coming soon page in minutes

Monthly Archive: October 2013

How to make a Kickstarter project page 0

Crowdfunding Creator Credibility Part 2

XS Wallet   Wallets have been wildly, unreasonably prolific and successful on Kickstarter since late 2012. It seems that every day there’s a new wallet project launched, and every day another ends with at...

Serial crowdpreneurship 0

Serial Crowdfunding: Part One

One day into their crowdfunding project launch, Chadwick Parker and Joe Huang had already raised $18,456 toward their $50,000 goal.   Their product, an aluminum case for notebooks called the IPX -PRO, was off...

How not to make a Kickstarter video 0

Crowdfunding Creator Credibility

There are a lot of variables that play a key role in determining a project’s success.  Some of the questions that you ought be ask yourself are:   Is there a market for your...

Upselling strategy. 0

Crowdfunding Upselling on Kickstarter

After the Kubb project was featured by Kickstarter and sales began pouring in by the second, the creators decided to add a higher-margin Redwood reward to capitalize on the new traffic. While new traffic...