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2013 October - Prefundia Blog: Create a coming soon page in minutes

Monthly Archive: October 2013

Crowdfunding course in higher-ed. 1

EdTech Times Post

“We were lucky to have our friends over at The Grommet introduce us to crowdfunding experts. Jeff Schwarting and Daniel Falabella are adjunct professors at Brigham Young University and created the first crowdfunding class ever taught...

Pivitr 1

Top 3 Crowdfunding Sites

Pivitr Pivitr takes a slightly different approach to crowdfunding, merging the pre-sales concept with a setup you’d find in a traditional e-commerce store. It allows creators to post and crowdfund multiple independent products simultaneously, and...

Best coming soon page builders. 0

5 Best “Coming Soon Page” Builders

There are countless resources available to help create a coming soon landing page, but here the best options we know of, broken into two categories: plug-and-play and do-it-yourself. Plug-and-Play Coming Soon Page Builders  ...

Prefundia coming soon page 0

Coming Soon Page

Prefundia is an interesting take on the coming soon page. Typically a “coming soon page” is a stand-alone website – an island in the internet sea – that must attract it’s own traffic. Prefundia, however,...

Coming soon page examples 0

Email Capture Page

If you’re going to launch something – a crowdfunding or kickstarter project, a product, a website, an app, a service, whatever – you should launch a “coming soon page” or an email capture page right...

How much traffic does Kickstarter drive? 0

How much traffic does Kickstarter drive?

While most takeaways in this book can apply to any crowdfunding platform, the data presented here is exclusive to   The point here is simple: Kickstarter drives significant traffic to its projects. (Excuse...