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10 Beautiful “Coming Soon” Page Examples - Prefundia Blog: Create a coming soon page in minutes

10 Beautiful “Coming Soon” Page Examples

A few “coming soon” page examples to get the juices flowing.


Clean, good contrast, not really sure what it’s about, but if you like movies and you have a browser, you’re probably interested.





Gorgeous colors, dark enough to see the white text, but pretty light overall. The use of progress bar is interesting. Missing an email capture form or other method for capturing visitors.




Interesting, designy, calming, but should have included email capture or something of the sort.






One of the very few with a human in the picture. Good colors and saturation, feels vibrant and alive, perfect for what they’re going for.




Great use of contrast with the big white email capture form surrounded by lots of dark colors.








Maybe a bit too much emphasis on the text and not enough on the email capture form, but great, simple design that describes just enough.





Awesome design of logo, email capture accentuated nicely by the big light colored box.





This one is more abstract than the others, no indication is given as to what this product or service will be or do other than “babble”. Great email capture form, although the “” field doesn’t explain itself very well.




One of the few, again, that has a human body in it, even though humans in pictures have been known to increase conversion rates significantly. Email capture form is almost the least obvious element on the entire page, which is totally backwards, of course.


Last but not least, Toastio: a site that got 4,000 sign ups in less than a week with their clean flat design for their coming soon page — learn more here. Check out how you can get thousands of people to visit your “coming soon” page through a referral system here.

Coming soon page for Toastio -- the next Generation of email


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